Rectangle Chart Patterns

You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts. Should the bearish action indeed fade, the price may attempt to climb above its 20- and 50-day SMAs currently within the 1.3170 – 1.3200 area. A successful move higher could then stretch towards the upper Bollinger band at 1.3317 and the 1.3389 ceiling, where the 23.6% Fibonacci of the 1.4667 – 1.2993 is also placed. More notably, new buyers could enter the market if the pair manages to switch its short-term status from neutral to positive above 1.3389. In this case resistance may run up to the 200-day SMA at 1.3550 and the 38.2% Fibonacci of 1.3632.

Bearish Rectangle

It is a bullish signal, whether encountered in an up- or down-trend. It is most often observed as a continuation pattern in an up-trend but is a strong reversal signal when witnessed in a down-trend.

Quiz: Understanding Ab=cd Pattern

Only until the price breaks above resistance or below support will it be clear which group has won the battle. The rectangle pattern is complete when price breaks the resistance line in a bullish rectangle, or when price breaks the support line in a bearish rectangle. The pattern is considered successful when price extends beyond the breakout point by the same distance as the width of the rectangle pattern. In today’s trading strategy tutorial, you’ll learn how the pros trade the Rectangle chart pattern strategy. We also call this the rectangle trading strategy because it is one of the simplest technical price actions that you can trade.

The image shows how after a trend the price enters a range which has a rectangular shape. Today we will discuss one of the most popular continuation formations in trading – the rectangle pattern. For a bullish rectangle, you would need to notice a breakout through the upper level of the pattern. Most traders like this chart pattern because they understand why it works. This method makes use of psychology in trading because you can see when other traders are in emotional and financial pain. Just like in the bearish rectangle pattern example, once the pair breaks, it will usually make a move that’s AT LEAST the size of its previous range.

The stop loss may then be placed slightly below the breakout level, so that it will be triggered only if the market reverses and falls down into the rectangle area. The coming days and weeks, buying and selling pressure remains equally strong at large, with some days being more positive or negative than others. In short, you could say that market players disagree about whether the security is worth buying or selling. This creates the equilibrium that makes the market respect the previous support and resistance levels. Rectangles are divided into two groups, which are bullish and bearish rectangles. The last step is that we get a breakout in the direction of the previous trend. This tells us that the market finally has ended its consolidating phase, and is headed for new highs or lows, depending on the previous trend.

Bullish Rectangular Pattern

If you’re a conservative trader you can wait for confirmation provided by the flag breakout. Now, we need to determine an entry technique for our bear flag pattern strategy. The flag price formation is the second element of the bear flag pattern. This is strong evidence of a bearish trend and that the supply and demand is out of balance. Remember, we need the right context and the right price structure needs to line up for a tradable bearish flag. The best thing about the bear flag pattern is that there’s a very easy way of knowing how low it will send the currency price. The bullish flag formations can be recognized by a strong uptrend followed by a pause in the trend that has the shape of a flag.

Bear in mind that the small consolidation aka the flag is a period of pause or correction in the bearish trend. Typically, the price should not retrace more than 50% of the pole.

Exiting The Trade

We will now show you two methods of trading the bearish rectangle. As shown above, the price falls in a strong downtrend and then starts to consolidate between support and resistance levels. Enter a trade at the breakout and place a stop-loss just outside the opposite side of the wedge or triangle pattern. The largest rising wedge is used to illustrate target measurement for a reversal pattern. The target for a reversal pattern is calculated from the highest peak to the lowest trough in the wedge pattern.

Now, while many might be tempted to just trade the breakout as it occurs, others will wait for the price to return to the breakout level in order to see if it holds up or not. If it does, they will go long, but if the price falls back under the breakout level it signals underlying weakness which makes us not want to enter the market. A Bearish Rectangle is when the market comes from a bearish trend that turns into a consolidation, which then results in a breakdown below the low of the consolidation range.

Enter Your Trade

In addition, you’ve learned how you could go about to improve the performance of most rectangles and avoid false breakouts, to increase profits. If you have heard about the flag pattern, you might recognize that the rectangle pattern many times resembles the flag pattern very closely. Another key aspect that should not be forgotten, is the length of the trend that precedes the rectangle. With long trends that have formed during many years, there is a lot of stiffness built into the market.

To identify the rectangle pattern, you first need to find a trending stock that is experiencing a consolidation period. As you see on the sketch above, the bearish rectangle figure starts with a price decrease. The price action then changes to a range with a rectangular shape.

Bullish Flag Pattern Vs Bearish Flag

The first candle would be a green candle while the second candle would be a red candle with a small body. The second candle of bearish harami pattern would be completely within the range of the body of the first candle. Once the Bearish engulfing pattern was formed after an uptrend, Bearish Rectangle the stock started moving down. A bearish engulfing candlestick pattern comprises of two candles and appears during an uptrend. Commodity and historical index data provided by Pinnacle Data Corporation. The information provided by, Inc. is not investment advice.

We use a special trade technique that allows us to only trade high probability rectangles. The second step is to identify the rectangle price formation by applying ftse 100 index the previously mentioned rules. Secondly, we need to have at least two equal lows and highs to draw two horizontal lines at should contain the price action.

Bearish Rectangle

See that the image starts with a bullish trend, which becomes overextended and begins to go flat. Trading is not appropriate for all investors, and the risks can be substantial. You acknowledge that it is solely your decision to determine which, if any, PatternsWizard trading signals and contents to use for trading . Statistics provided are the result of backtests and are provided as is with no guarantee. Leverage can work against you as well as for you, and can lead to large losses as well as gains. After buying a security on a rectangle breakout pattern, the stop-loss should be placed at the midpoint because the breakout will likely have a shakeout before continuing the trend.

We provide content for over 100,000+ active followers and over 2,500+ members. Our mission is to address the lack of good information Bearish Rectangle for market traders and to simplify trading education by giving readers a detailed plan with step-by-step rules to follow.

We get another smash that will make many people chase the move to the downside again. After the initial selloff, people who missed the train will panic and begin selling.

Bear Flag Pattern Strategy

Our experts have also put together a range of trading forecasts which cover major currencies, oil, gold and even equities. Reading a candlestick chart is an important foundation to have before analyzing more complex techniques such as Harami and Doji candlesticks. As a final note, we urge you to not take the concepts and methods presented as the final truth.

The Bearish Rectangle is projected when two parallel tradelines connect the latest lows and highs of the price, which contain many price fluctuations inside. The best way to avoid trading losing ideas and systems, therefore, is to start testing the strategies and ideas yourself to see if they hold any merit. This is best done with the help of backtesting, which you may learn more about in our guide to backtesting, or article on how to build a trading strategy. By including volume in our analysis, we get a better sense of the strength behind the actual market moves, which might otherwise escape our attention. Sell/short at the close of the bearish candlestick below the support line. Price broke the support level with high volatility forming a large candlestick below the support.

Then you simply buy the stock if the rectangle is bullish, or you sell the stock if the rectangle is bearish. The rectangle figure is a trading pattern which can appear during bullish and bearish trends.


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