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Error messages tell us that something is wrong with our devices. For instance, there is a problem with our phone’s settings if we see the error message “Unfor­tu­nate­ly Set­tings Has Stopped.” on our Android phones. Some Galaxy S7 users will need to wipe the cache partition to fix the Unfortunately, the process has stopped error on their Galaxy S7.

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You may also uninstall an app directly from the Home Screen or the Play Store. • From the options that appear before you, click on “Uninstall” to delete the App from your device. Herein we bring to you 3 of the most effective remedies to combat the; unfortunately, App has stopped error, which has helped many users facing similar problems. Follow the on-screen instructions on how to then boot your Android device in Download mode. This is to make sure your device is repaired correctly while minimizing the risk of bricking your device. Head over to the Dr.Fone – System Repair website and download the software to your Mac or Windows computer. If this sounds like the option you need to alleviate your, unfortunately, YouTube has stopped errors; this is how to use it.

How To Turn Off Double Click To Install Apps On Your Iphone Or Ipad

The term comes from the English word“User Interface”or“UI”can be understood as any visual element displayed on the screen that is not part of an application. Check out the following list of 6 ways to resolve the Android system error. Here are all the solutions and fixes available to solve the # Windows 10 display adapter code 43 error on your computer. Battling with the ‘Unfortunately, # Settings has stopped’ error on your # Android device? Here are 8 userful ways to fix the # Settings app error on your Android phone or tablet. No one would want such errors to pop-up out of nowhere on their phone or tablet.

  • Are you getting the System # UI has stopped error on # Android phone?
  • android studio app keeps stoppingYou can fix how much the amount of memory can be used by the app—the amount of graphics used by the app and a lot of other things.
  • Now, the Android logo will appear on the screen, once you see that release the remaining keys.

In the picture above, it’sbelowthe highlighted blue line—don’t select that option unless you want to wipe your entire phone. Once you’ve highlighted “Wipe Cache Partition,” press the Power key to select the option, then use the Volume keys to highlight “Yes” and the Power key once more to confirm. Your phone will begin wiping the cache partition, which will take a few moments.

Method 2: Uninstall Google App From Settings

Rebooting phone into safe mode disable all third-party apps. If the error is occurring due to third-party apps, then this error wouldn’t show up while your phone is in safe mode. This is the very first troubleshooting that you must follow. You can do soft reset of your phone which simply means restarting your device. This is very effective solution if you have not Switched OFF your phone from very long period of time.

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