Which Ticket Websites Are the Best?

Which Ticket Websites Are the Best?

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If you’re searching for an authentic website for tickets, it is possible to find top tickets on the internet through a range of sites. They include Ticketmaster and SeatGeek along with TicketNetwork as well as ScoreBig. These aren’t the only ones to use to buy tickets online. Check out the article to discover which sites are best! As always, check out our reviews from users. This is the latest information on each review.


A search engine is used by the company in order to allow users to discover tickets in different primary and secondary markets. The customers can also obtain an offer score that indicates the ticket’s value compared with other sources. Interactive seat maps are also offered on the site. If you’re considering purchasing tickets via SeatGeek ensure you use the app, which will help you locate the lowest price.

If you are looking to purchase tickets on the internet, SeatGeek has a great image as one of most reliable ticket websites. SeatGeek utilizes normalization to make maps of the thousands of tickets they have purchased from many ticket sellers. The process plots the ticket data immediately onto SeatGeek’s maps and also on their event list feed. The website takes around 24 hours to confirm the order. However, once confirmed, the tickets will be delivered well ahead of the date.

SeatGeek is well-known for its discounted tickets to major venues, which allows the purchaser to save on tickets. SeatGeek also offers an Deal Score savings feature, that evaluates all ticket deals and rates them based on price as well as location and previous information. A Deal Score feature on SeatGeek is extremely well-received from ticket purchasers. The SeatGeek website is an excellent site to purchase tickets if you’re a big fan of specific team or artist. SeatGeek also allows you to sell tickets and reimburse the account in 24 hours. SeatRetriever promises to offer the lowest ticket prices at certain venues but cannot guarantee the quality of their tickets.

A reputable and trusted ticket exchange that is reliable and trustworthy is Vivid Seats. MEGAseats is different from other ticket websites. There are no fee unless the tickets have been bought through a reseller. The other benefit of MEGAseats is its guarantee of its authenticity and timely delivery. If you’re not happy with your purchase you can get a refund. An experienced customer support staff is available to answer your questions and help you buy tickets.


Ticketmaster is a well-known online ticketing site. Since the end of the 70’s, they have become a major part of the current ticket industry. Within less than two decades, they have increased their presence from North America to over 20 markets. They were one of the first companies to make the tickets accessible to mobile devices, effectively ending the days of paper tickets. Additionally, in addition to their web site Ticketmaster has an app to purchase tickets for many shows.

Ticketmaster has a cost for services for buyers who wish to resell their tickets. The fees, however, are built into the price of the ticket and usually are included in the cost of service. It is a good practice to review the conditions and terms of any website selling tickets prior to buying one. TicketMaster’s fees tend to be much higher than that of other ticket websites. There is nothing to fret about, since their customer support as well as their refund policy are unfailing.

In addition to offering an extensive selection of tickets, Ticketmaster is also a partner in many partnerships and promotions. Ticketmaster has formed partnerships with LiveNation, iHeartRadio, and when your event is small, Ticketmaster can be a suitable option. They promote other artists in their events, but aren’t pushing these events as heavily as other sites have done. It can allow smaller venues to increase their visibility.

Another reliable ticket website is StubHub. StubHub is a subsidiary of eBay also offers the rewards program. In addition, it contributes a percentage of ticket sales to charitable causes. In contrast to TicketLiquidador, StubHub is easier to start selling tickets. StubHub will require you to devote more time searching for tickets. Another option that is popular reliable ticket websites is TicketsCity.


TicketNetwork is a well-known ticketing website. Their My Ticket Tracker function makes it straightforward to track tickets as well as keep track of certain events. TicketNetwork has tickets sure to be sold, and doesn’t handle ticket delivery and billing. Additionally, TickPick, the ticket site for comparison, is renowned by its BestPrice Guarantee.

TicketNetwork works on a similar approach similar to eBay. A seller lists tickets on their site, then sells their tickets in the marketplace. If a purchaser purchases tickets, a fee is charged to handle the transaction. Shipping and handling fees will be added based on buyer’s location and event date. The ticket seller on TicketNetwork will deliver tickets directly to the buyer. Sellers may also choose to list and manage the tickets using their point of Sale software.

While TicketNetwork doesn’t offer a 3D viewing feature but the website is simple to navigate. Tickets are searchable by city or name, and TicketCity gives a guarantee of a refund if the satisfaction isn’t satisfactory. The site also offers an email contact form as well as a phone number for assistance from Monday to Friday. TicketCity was created by Randy Cohen in Austin, Texas.

Another good website for tickets is StubHub. StubHub is the biggest online ticket marketplace around the globe, offering tickets to events for over 10 million in 40 different nations. StubHub stands out from other ticket websites, offering smooth delivery as well as 100% cash back guarantee. StubHub has been a reliable service and is the best option for customers looking to attend shows or see artists in person. In addition, StubHub has a 360-degree viewing from the seating area.


ScoreBig is a great option if you are looking to purchase tickets on the internet to live events. It lets you set your own price and receive discounts of up to 60% from the price of your ticket. Because there’s no extra fees or hidden charges, you’ll not overspend on tickets than you have. Contrary to many ticket websites, ScoreBig is free. However, there are some prerequisites you have to fulfill in order to use the service.

It is also possible to specify the price you want to be able to pay for an occasion, or select a seat rating, ranging from one to six , when bidding. When you’ve selected your seat, ScoreBig will give you an estimate of the likelihood you’ll receive it for that cost. ScoreBig provides two choices for the purchase of tickets. ScoreBig permits you to bid directly on the ticket’s price or to purchase a fixed-price ticket.

The ScoreBig daily service also allows customers to receive reduced tickets, and without an additional fee for shipping. They will also send tickets to you via email. This means there’s no need to stress about losing your time and money looking for tickets. Tickets to events you did not know existed could be yours! ScoreBig allows you to locate the lowest priced tickets, and also the best seats. ScoreBig has the lowest prices for tickets online. it allows you to purchase tickets for various events.

ScoreBig is one of the most frequent ticketing websites. The website is operated by TicketNetwork. It’s solely focused on tickets that are not been offered for sale. It allows electronic delivery to every venue and is ideal for last-minute purchases. There are some downsides to this service, for instance, major gaps in availability, as well as excessive service charges. It does have the chance to save significant amount of money on low-profile events. Also, it is completely safe to purchase tickets from ScoreBig.

Vivid Seats

VividSeats One of the best online sites to sell tickets VividSeats. They charge a 10 percent commission per ticket sold. You can set your price as well. VividSeats is a partner with ESPN and also a host of other fan-favorite companies. The company also provides ticket insurance through a third party ticket insurance business.

You can search to find a different seat in case you are unhappy about your seat. Vivid Seats also offers the option of a rewards system, where users are able to earn points for app purchase that can be used toward the purchase of the ticket. This site does not offer a refund policy. This could cause your purchase to not be ideal. If you are unhappy in your seating arrangement and want to return it, there’s the option to offer it for sale on a different site. Telephone orders have to be placed with a credit card or debit card, and are only available in US dollars.

It also lets you to look at seat views of major sporting shows. For the lowest priced tickets, filter the results by date, price, row, quantity and section. It is also possible to create your own favorites which allows you to look for shows and performances you want to attend. In-app checkout is a system, too, which is safe and convenient. Additionally, the app lets the user to look at seating maps.

Since it launched back in the year 2001, Vivid Seats has become one of the more trusted and reliable online ticketing websites. They were ranked #1 on Newsweek’s top 10 list of American companies in customer Service in 2015. This shows its commitment to providing top-quality customer service. While there are some negative opinions, Vivid Seats’ promise of prompt delivery and a low price makes it among the most trusted ticket sites on the internet.