Is PandaHall Legit?

is PandaHall Legit

Is PandaHall Legit?

PandaHall is a jewelry site is a jewelry website that accepts Visa, MasterCard and PayPal online orders. Customers can also pay by wire or check Transfer or Western Union. But, PandaHall recommends that their customers make use of PayPal, as it offers a Buyer Protection Program to protect their money. Also, they offer discounts to jewelry designers as well as bulk orders up to $50,000. They also offer 5% off all orders for one-time payments, so there’s a definite incentive to shop on this website.


If you are looking for crafts supplies at a lower cost You should take a look at PandaHall’s range of items. They offer wholesale prices for a large variety of craft supplies and pride themselves on providing quality products at a great price. They don’t just offer many options and offer a wide range of products, but they also engage regularly with their customers. Their presence on various social media sites has led to an enormous following. They also offer non-web based catalogs. Alongside their huge online selection, the company has a huge following and high ratings.

In addition to offering craft supplies, PandaHall also offers a free trial service. To try their products, you are able to request two complimentary cards. They also offer a print shop where you can design your own unique items or even request them to be created by their staff. Send your ideas to the PandaHall team, and they’ll come up with a design. Whether you’re in the mood to create a craft or searching for a present to give someone else, rest sure that PandaHall can design a custom item for you.

If you’re a jewellery maker, you’ll want to look at PandaHall’s collection of beads. Each of their products is tested to make sure they’re free of lead. PandaHall offers a wide selection of jewelry which includes costume jewelry as well as genuine gemstones. Accessories and watches are available at PandaHall. These include ring watches and wristwatches as well as nail art stickers and rock climbing carabiners.

Customer service

PandaHall customer service can be reached via a contact form, or by calling the number. PandaHall has factories and offices in China and in the UK. The company’s flexible terms for business enable customers to have a smooth ordering process. It is popular for its wholesale and retail price. It also is open to inquiries and provides a variety of products and services.

Return policy

PandaHall has low-cost costs, but the store also holds clearance sales and sends customers emails with special deals. If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, you can easily return it. PandaHall covers return shipping and taxes, and you may also receive coupon codes for current promotions. The return policy for PandaHall is simple: customers are able to return their product within 7 days. PandaHall will even cover the shipping cost for return. Customers can also earn points for every processed order or leave reviews. These points can later be exchanged for coupon credits or other incentives.

PandaHall offers hundreds of thousands of jewelry styles available for wholesale. Their vast collection includes 200,000+ high-quality loose beads, low-cost beads, jewelry findings, and other supplies. Delivery costs will vary depending on the country you live in and how large and heavy the order is. You can select from a range of payment options, such as PayPal, Credit Card via GlobalCollect, Bank Transfer, Western Union, and Check. You can also avail the Buyer Protection Program and a small discount for professional jewelers.

Customer reviews

PandaHall offers a wide selection of wholesale craft supplies and craft materials at incredible prices. The shop is proud in the quality of its products and in its interactions with customers. They are active on numerous social media platforms and offer various catalogs. They have excellent customer reviews and their catalogues and websites are very well-received. Customers also recommend PandaHall extremely. Here are a few PandaHall customer reviews.

This online store has an array of items from watches to beads, to stringing materials. There is everything you need to make unique jewelry with the right beads as well as the proper threading materials. PandaHall offers free shipping for orders of $50 or more and an Buyer Protection Program. PayPal, credit card or checks are all options. Also, you can order delivery directly from the company’s China warehouse.

The website offers free samples. Two samples are available for cards. You can also purchase custom-designed items through their online print shop. You can also submit your design ideas to PandaHall and have your designs designed by the PandaHall team. There are a lot of options. If you’re looking for something which is unique compared to others, you’ll find it at PandaHall. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your friend or a loved one, you’ll be able to find the perfect present for her.

Alexa ranking

Whether you are a jewelry enthusiast or just looking to save money You’ll find it at PandaHall. The online store for crafts offers an extensive selection of products that are available at wholesale prices. People who have used the product rate it high, noting that they’re high quality and priced reasonably. Their impressive Alexa rank reflects their popularity and they are consistently among the top two Bead sites in Here’s the link to their website and Alexa ranking.

AlexaRank, the most popular website tracker evaluates your site by the amount of traffic it receives. It compares your website with every other siteon the internet, and can be sometimes misleading. Website Speed can also be used to determine the speed of your site. It does not include the time it takes to load stylesheets, images, and DOM. It’s a great tool to use when assessing the speed of your site.

Discount sections

If you want to save money when shopping online, you should check out the discount sections at PandaHall. The discount sections offer numerous products available with discounted prices. If you’re unsure of the legitimacy of these sections it is possible to contact customer service. PandaHall offers a contact page which lets you make a call asking whether the discount is available. You’ll receive immediate assistance in this manner.

PandaHall provides three main categories that include new arrivals, the best sellers and $5 sales. They also have separate display rooms, which showcase their jewelry. Look through the discount sections if you’re looking to purchase jewelry. Certain of them provide free shipping while others require a minimum purchase. They are usually only available when you place an order in the bulk. You can also use your PandaHall discount coupons to avail larger discounts.

If you’re looking to save money You won’t be disappointed with PandaHall. You will find amazing deals among its wide selection of items. In addition, you can apply discount codes to save money as you shop. These codes have to be entered on the PandaHall website to avail discounts. There are numerous discounts and coupons available on the website. You can save money by using coupons after you locate one that is good.


If you purchase a product on PandaHall you will have a range of choices of shipping. There are two options for shipping including express and postal. There is also the option to send your item by DHL or air freight or sea freight. If you opt to ship your product yourself, you’ll have to establish an account to forward your item with DHL and send the complete details to the PandaHall Shipping Department. If you are using PandaHall Shipping, you can expect your package to arrive in the next few days.

If you’re looking to cut costs on shipping, PandaHall offers various coupons and promo codes to its customers. These codes can be used during checkout to lower your total costs. Subscribe to the company newsletter to be informed about updates and coupons. You can sign up for their newsletter and receive information about special offers on their social media sites. You’ll be able save money even more with shipping when using PandaHall Coupons.

PandaHall offers direct shipping directly from the manufacturer and offers low-cost shipping. PandaHall provides free shipping and emails with updates for customers who need to have your items fast. The cost of shipping varies based on the weight and location of the items you order. For more details on the shipping cost by contact PandaHall Customer Service or by visiting the website. They’ll give you a cost estimate on the price of shipping after you’ve decided on the payment method you want to use.