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My essential reaction will:show how Marjane Satrapi grew up beneath oppression throughout the Islamic Revolution in Iran, display how secularists, like Satrapi’s mothers and fathers, also endured and created sacrifices in the course of this period, exhibit how many others, this sort of as nationalists and even Muslims, ended up tortured, executed and locked up, show how the Marjane Satrapi employs numerous conventions of the graphic novel to reach these finishes. Written process two. From the very first page of the graphic novel the writer explores the theme of developing up underneath oppression. She introduces herself and the difficulties of the Islamic revolution by the symbol of the veil. The 1st frame of the first webpage provides a portrait of Marjane Satrapi sporting the veil, wanting expressionless and with out id.

The caption reads, ‘This is me when I was ten yrs old. This was in 1980’ (p. The textual content and picture could not be more simple or extra to the reality.

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The reader hears the voice of the author, hunting back on her childhood, displaying us a image of herself, veiled and frustrated. In the subsequent frame, you cannot convey to Marjane from the some others in her ‘class photo’, as they are all covered and frustrated.

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By means of cartooning, the creator is ready to exaggerate these features and simplify difficult issues. On top of that the graphic novel will allow her to investigate this theme further more in the splash at the base of page three, where by the reader sees quite a few little ones on the playground, leaping rope with various veils tied collectively, utilizing the veil as a ‘monster’ mask, to create the proper tone for an argumentative essay a writer should and using off the veil since it is far too warm. 1 veiled ten-calendar year-old chokes an unveiled ten-yr-aged and states ‘execution in the name of flexibility. ‘ From this point, the reader is aware that Satrapi is heading to juxtapose the innocence of childhood with the seriousness of the Islamic Revolution in get to display how oppressive the Iranian regime was. In her memoir, Marjane Satrapi continues to take a look at the concept of oppression. In addition to focusing on her personal difficulties of expanding up for the duration of the Revolution, she also sheds mild on her parent’s struggle with the ruling Islamic Party.

She arrives to comprehend that her parents’ beliefs are reverse to individuals of the routine. While her parents drink alcoholic beverages, read through intellectual textbooks, have get-togethers and get pleasure from a rich lifestyle, the Guards of the Revolution law enforcement this behaviour, execute this kind of secularists and loathe any indications of wealth. In a person body Marjane allows her mom pour liquor down the toilet, as the police threaten to research their condominium (p. a hundred and ten).

In yet another body, Marjane’s mom places tape on the home windows, as a safeguard from the Iraqi bombings, and black curtains in excess of the windows, to reduce the neighbours from seeing their events (p. a hundred and five). She tells this tale of her parents living in anxiety by means of pretty stark, black and white drawings, which present the contrast between the evil theocratic regime and her very good secular mother and father. This distinction culminates in the last website page of the novel, when her mother and father send out her to Austria to protect the lifetime of their only child from the horrors of war and the potential risks of the Islamic regime.

In 1 frame a bearded guard is exploring by means of her suitcase at the airport. In the subsequent frame her mom faints from sorrow as she suggests goodbye to her daughter (p. 153). This scene reveals the sacrifices that the elite secularists had to make at the arms of basic Muslims. As a person reads this graphic novel, just one understands how so numerous persons in Iran, not only Marjane and her secular moms and dads, have been systematically silenced. When the Islamic Revolutionists overthrew the Shah in 1979, they imprisoned Persian nationalists and the Shah’s army, which includes the fighter pilots who ended up desired throughout the Iraqi attacks (p.